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Plant Protection Saffron

If you are planning on cultivating crocus Sativus, there would be no need for a large crop production. Also, the crocus Sativus plant does not have a lot of natural enemies. However, the weakest point of the plant is its onion. So, in order to protect the onion from getting any fungal attacks, certain fungicides may be necessary.

Another way to protect your saffron crop from unknown elements is by adding a protective fence around the Crocus Sativus plantation. Since rabbits are known to be fond of chewing the bulbs, it is best to place a fence all over the area to pre vent any rabbits from eating your saffron away.

Insects, rats and other pesticides do not really threaten saffron plantations. However, it would be wise to keep the garden weed-free so that no pesticides will reside near the area.

Before planting your crop of Crocus Sativus, a lot of organic material needs to be placed in the soil. This will ensure that the soil has enough nutrients to keep the soil moist.