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Saffron - King of the spices

The stigmas of the Crocus Sativus are the saffron and it exudes a sweet and aromatic fragrance. Its sweet smell is quite deceptive because the taste of dried saffron is rather bitter. However, the bitterness does not prevail and if it were to be given an overall description it would probably be described as intense but light.

Each saffron thread has a unique taste of its own and it is this uniqueness that gives saffron its eclectic flavor. And if one would place saffron in water, a beautiful orange-red color will prevail. This is probably part of the reason why gourmets adore the scent and color that comes from the saffron spice.

Like other spices, saffron is also largely used in desserts and other hearty food. One example would be Paella, which would not have that glorious color if not for the Saffron rice. Some other dishes would include fish soups while there are also alcoholic beverages with that distinct saffron color.

If you would like to incorporate saffron into your cooking, all you have to do is to dose a few into warm water or even milk. One gram of saffron is appropriate for 120 ml of liquid. On the other hand, there are distinct tastes of saffron and all each unique taste has to be dosed differently.